1819 Dostoevsky's father, Michael Dostoevsky, marries Marie Nechaeva.
1820 First son, Michael, born.
1821 Father becomes Doctor in Hospital for the poor, Moscow. October 30, Fyodor Mikhailovich born.
1837 January 29 Poet Pushkin killed in duel.
February 27 Dostoevsky's mother dies.
May, the two brothers move to Petersburg.
July, the father retires and moves to the country with the two youngest brothers.
1839 January, Dostoevsky enters military Engineering School
June, Dostoevsky's father is murdered by his serf peasants because of his cruelty and strictness.
1842 August, Dostoevsky commissioned Second Lieutenant.
1844 August, he leaves the military service, begins literary career. Starts writing The Poor Folk.
1845 Summer, The Poor Folk is a great success with literary leaders.
1846 Spring, Dostoevsky meets Petrashevasky. Begins suffering from epileptic seizures. Publishes "The Double".
1848 Participates more and more in political discussions of Petrashevasky's article.
1849 April 23, Dostoevsky arrested. Later sentenced to death. Reprieved at last minute, on execution scaffold in Petersburg Square.
1850-54 Spends four years as convict in Siberia, in Omsk.
1854-59 Serves as common soldier in Siberia, in Semipacatinsk.
1857 February, marries Maria Isaeva.
1859 Dostoevsky is permitted to live in Tver, later, in Siberian experiences.
1860 Publishes The House of the Dead about his Siberian experiences. A two-volume edition of his works appears.
1861 Emancipation of Serfs Proclamation. The Insulted and The Injured published.
1862 Visit to France and England
1862-63 Liason with Apollinaria Suslova.
1860-63 Writes for and edits magazine "Time" (Vremya).
1863 May, "Time" stopped by the government.
August-October, stays in France and Italy.
1864 January, permitted to publish new magazine, "Epoch" (Epokha).
April, his wife dies.
June, "Epoch" stops because of lack of funds.
July, his brother dies.
Visits Germany. Sees Suslova. Works on Crime and Punishment.
Two Volume edition of his works published by stellovsky.
1866 Works on Crime and Punishment. Proposes to and is accepted by Anna Gregorievna Snitkina. Further volumes of his works published.
1867 Stays in Germany; gambles. Works on The Idiot.
1868-69 Lives abroad - Germany and Switzerland.
1871 Returns to Petersburg. Works on The Possessed. The Possessed published in The Russian Messenger.
1873-76 Dostoevsky collaborates on magazine THE CITIZEN. Writes The Raw Youth. Lives in Straya Russia and visits Germany three times.
1875 The Raw Youth published.
1876-77 Publishes magazine "Writer's Diary".
1876 November, writes story "The Gentle Spirit".
1878 May, Dostoevsky's three-year old son Alexy dies of epilepsy. Dostoevsky philosopher Vladimir Solovyov visit together the Optina monastery. Begins work on The Brothers Karamazov.
1879 The Brothers Karamazov begins to appear.
1880 June 8, Dostoevsky delivers widely acclaimed speech at the dedication of Pushkin's statue. Concludes work on The Brothers Karamazov.
1881 January 28, Dostoevsky dies after three days of illness, of Lung - Hemorrhages.